Invicta:IT builds partnerships with businesses to help them make better IT decisions.  Managing the common ground between UK enterprises and the world's leading suppliers of technology, Invicta:IT works closely with its partners and service providers to rationalise and enable the business case for next-generation IT products and services.


What problems do we solve?  Business owners want business-friendly IT, structured to support their corporate goals.  Invicta:IT helps them to prioritise the winning IT initiatives that drive and execute service-oriented business strategies.


Invicta:IT makes it easy to deploy operationally-focused technology and our 4 Conerstones of technology address what we've experienced to be the key issues facing many modernising businesses today:

  • Cloud Services

    All you need is internet capability.  Access all your software, infrastructure or storage needs, anytime, anywhere, through any device - all on a pay-as-you-go model.

  • Storage Management

    Cutting expenses without cutting services - get the best capacity and performance from your storage management process.

  • Enterprise Software

    Failing to recognise and act on your software compliance issues can put your business at risk.  We can help you implement a pro-active and optimised procurement and licensing process.

  • Networking Services

    Performance, capacity and resilience - has your network been designed with an understanding of where your business is likely to be in 5, 10, 15 years time?

Invicta:IT Partners
Invicta:IT Partners